Atom Bomb Game

The atom bomb which dropped on Hiroshima at 8.15am on August the 6th was just about the most devastating event in the history of the World. In those few seconds it took for the bomb to drop from the Enola Gay to destroying Hiroshima, whatever the rights & wrongs of the event, after this, the world became a different place. Another bomb was dropped a few days later on Nagasaki after the Japanese military had refused to surrender. Given the proliferation of nuclear weapons since then it is a miracle that nuclear weapons haven’t been used since. It is not known for sure how many countries possess nuclear weapons & over the years rumours have persisted about many countries having split the atom & then developing nuclear weapons. At the time that the bomb dropped an important Go match was taking place seven miles from the epicentre. Go is a game that was invented 4,000 years ago by the tutor to the Emperor of China for his (the Emperor’s) children. It is the most quintessentially abstract & intellectual game there is & is devilishly difficult to learn & play. It is a brain game, more complicated than chess with much protocol.  For example the younger man has to sit with his back to the door in case an assassin enters the room; the older man must be protected before the younger man. The match in question was between Iwamoto Kaoru & Hashimoto Utaro & is engrained into Japanese culture & consciousness. But a film has never been made about it. After the war Iwamoto became a successful businessman & financed many Go centres around the World including London. Go became an instrument of peace & friendship. The original Go centre in London is not a Go club these days but there are several Go clubs in London. We at InFactuation Productions are making a film about this event. There will be two themes to the film, peace & Go. We are in the process of making a trailer for the film itself & fundraising. Recently Andrew & Ros of InFactuation Productions met with the eminent Japanese filmmaker Michihide Watanabe & his wife Nobua at their lovely home in Surrey. Andrew& Ros had originally met Michi at the Central Go Club in London. Michi was enthusiastic about the project & said he would spread the word in Japan about the project & help us in any way he could. We spent a very interesting & enjoyable afternoon with Michi & Nobua & enjoyed their wonderful food.

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