Mike & Ros’ big adventure in Zambia.

In January 2010, Mike & Ros went to Zambia for a fortnight to film Tawanda Kazoka.  Tawanda is an old friend of InFactuation & a rising star in the politics of Zambia.  Tawanda spoke at the UK Youth Parliament in December 2009.  InFactuation Productions are making a film about Tawanda & Zambia. A film about the politics & about the post colonial situation.  Kenneth Kaunda ruled the country immediately after independence from 1964 until 1991. These days the president is Rupiah Banda.  Zambia is a Western style democracy but has a problem with youth unemployment. Tawanda is much concerned with this issue & with other issues connected with young people. He plans to stand for Parliament in 2016. They came back with some amazing footage of both the country & the wildlife of Zambia & of Tawanda talking to & interviewing John Phiri, the head of Global Justice & Guess Nyirenda, the head of Operation Young Vote Zambia. Tawanda was interviewed on Zambian radio 4 times; Ros & Mike filmed him doing this. He is also a rap artist & did his stuff at the Lusaka music venue, The Brown Fox, which they filmed. They experienced extremes of climate, torrential rain & really hot weather as they followed Tawanda as he made his way around the country. Check out the trailer for the forthcoming film about Tawanda’s work – Africa’s Invisible Generation.


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