Michi in Spitalfields

The filmmaker Michihide Ochi, a good friend of InFactuation Productions, has returned to Japan. He recently married his childhood sweetheart after she & Michi were both widowed. She was in fact married to Englishman & has lived in the UK for more than 40 years. They have a photo album of them together when they were young. Michi is helping InFactuation Productions with the Atom Bomb Game project, the film we are making about the important Go match which continued even after the H-bomb had dropped on Hiroshima & helping us to raise funds for the project. Michi & Andrew walked around Spitalfields & Brick Lane, an area which was in fact heavily bombed by the Germans in the World War II as indeed was much of the East End of London. The consequent merging of extremely new buildings sided by side with old buildings is certainly interesting. Michi liked the old buildings more & & he liked the crowds of people in the area enjoying their weekend. Down Parliament Street, which in fact is a narrow alleyway near Bishopsgate, there is a gas lamp such as used to be such of a big feature of British films. Michi is somewhat more unconventional than most Japanese & less formal. He likes John Wayne films, old British films & The Bill & he likes horse racing. InFactuation Productions are based in Brick Lane & Andrew showed Michi the premises..Michi has returned to Japan to work on a feature film project about pirates. Both Andrew & Michi have fathers who were in the navy during World War II & both Andrew & Michi are committed to peace & reconciliation & both play Go. We are looking forward to seeing Michi again on his return to UK next month.

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