Ejup Ganiã – War Criminal?

On Saturday 10th April, we received a phonecall from a mysterious Serbian woman asking us if we had a crew available for Tuesday to film the proceedings of a trial that was taking place at the City of Westminster’s Magistrates Court.

As the story unfolded we were told that we would be filming ex-Serbian President Ejup Ganiã. 

Ejup Ganiã was President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1997 to 1999 and again from 2000 to 2001.On 1. March 2010 he was arrested at Heathrow Airport after Serbian judicial authorities issued an extradition warrant. He is accused of conspiracy to murder 40 Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) soldiers in Sarajevo in May 1992.

He was granted bail on March 12th after Judge John Laws remarked that the arrest warrant by Serbia was politically motivated.

It was also claimed by Ganiã’s defenders that Serbia had yet to produce any real evidence, and that most of their supposed evidence was made up of news articles regarding the Dobrovoljaèka Street incident.

However, Serbian prosecutor’s office claims that the case contains additional evidence.

The extradition trial begins tomorrow.

Watch this space!




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