Strange this blogging business. You gets hits for this or that entry. But who are these mystery people who take the trouble to read this & other blogs this & other entries but don’t reveal themselves. They could be anywhere in the World.  Who are they & did they find it useful and / or interesting? Was it helpful? And then again why do I do it? I do it because I want to proselytise. I hold opinions which like a lot of opinionated people I hold to be true. And interesting. But this is the nature of pluralism. We can all hold an opinion.

I am endlessly pleased when I find someone has looked at my writing. In a way I am just reverting to what I did at school pre teens when I always came of the class for essay writing.

When you place a blog, you don’t know even anybody is going to look at it. Anyone at all that is. It can always be that no-one at all will look at it. Sometimes no-one looks at the blog for days & then there is a rush. Strange. There are billions of blogs & I gather most them never get looked at. But many do. Many have many hits. They are on online diary. (Therapy maybe) you hear journalists defending their position as being in some way superior to bloggers. , But they are doing just that & nothing more, defending their position. Most journalists, I won’t mention names after all I don’t want to be sued for defamation but I think we all know who we are talking about, are mediocre writers with mediocre opinions & their knowledge isn’t amazing. A blogger is someone on the ground who actually knows what he is talking & feels genuinely & strongly about what he is writing. Sometimes the English is not perfect, the spelling is execrable but the passion & usually the knowledge is there. Put it this way. What would you prefer? A journalist who goes to Bagdad, checks into a comfortable hotel wanders around, talks to a few, maybe a lot, of people & then writes a piece for say the Daily Telegraph or even the Guardian or someone on the ground who lives there, has witnessed all the atrocities & the conflict & the suffering arising from not only this but also the lack of electricity & so on & writes from the perspective of an insider? After all it is better to have Kasparov’s thoughts on his own games, rather than someone else who is not nearly so accomplished, someone who has achieved in at least in comparison, very little.

Blogging? It is one of the great innovations.

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