The funding problem

Funding for a small company is a devilishly difficult business. Even some big organisations complain about lack of funding & these days you even hear of big projects failing because of lack of funding. There is so much money swilling around. Money is found for weapons of war, royal weddings, footballers are paid tens of thousands of pounds each week, parliamentarians keep their noses in the trough & keep awarding themselves huge sums of money, apparently.  Goldman Sachs & other financial institutions have billions of pounds swilling around. Like pigs with their noses in the trough, financial institutions just help themselves to the wealth created by the sweat & suffering of others. In fact Oxfam has a turnover of £300m. How they have managed to grow that big – well it is just amazing. Well done them. But one does have the impression that they don’t do as much with all that money as they could.

InFactuation Productions make documentaries & educational films, films about social issues. On the whole our films are commissioned. In moving into making our own films, films not commissioned but our own work we need to find outside funding. On the whole documentaries don’t have a wide audience. This is a pity because film is such a powerful way of influencing people . I would say the most powerful way there is. More powerful than the printed word. More powerful than theatre, just about. More powerful than art, even Picasso’s Guernica….

It is a pity that everybody wants a quid pro quo. David Cameron’s big society doesn’t exist really. The mantra really is, what’s in it for me? in a very narrow minded way. Mrs Thatcher said there is no such thing as society. She also referred to the Great Car Society. She was a mover & shaker alright but not in a good way, at least not in the long run. Some of the things she did were right but for the wrong reasons. She closed down the coal mining industry.  The burning of coal is one of the main, possibly the main source of  CO2 emissions. Mrs Thatcher closed down mines for other reasons. Probably she just didn’t like Arthur Scargill.  Ironically for David Cameron it was Mrs Thatcher who destroyed society.  If we were (or so we have been told) trying to raise money for a big blockbuster (funny word that, I wonder what the origin is) like Avatar, then we would stand a better chance. Up to a point it does seem, that the more you ask for, the more likely you are to be successful. Certainly the more publicity a big company receives outweighs the general well-being of society in its considerations about whether to donate money to this or that cause.

In trying to get funding for projects you tend to go all round the houses end up where you started; the only difference being that you have used up loads of time & energy. Up to a point you end with a bit of experience. Of course films do get made. But the problem is that it seems to be a closed shop. In a sense money is not the main problem. It is the status of getting hold of sponsors. Somehow corporate sponsorship gives a film an extra something an extra presence as it were, some import. Money is important, especially in this day & age, when money can buy (almost anything.) Without money you can’t live. Without money you just can’t afford to do good things, in fact there is little you can do.

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