Iran project

The Islamic Revolution in 1979 returned Iran to the Middle Ages. The autocratic rule of the Shah was ripe for the picking. There were many human rights abuses under the Shah. When he was the autocratic ruler, Iran seemed ripe for the picking. But once he was overthrown, Iran entered a new dark age.  Biblical punishments returned.

It always seems incredible to us in the largely secular West that Iran has reverted to fundamental Islam where men pray 5 times a day, men are allowed lots of wives, punishments include amputating limbs, stoning to death, gauging eyes out. Women are often stoned to death. Women who are raped are usually considered the perpetrators. It is considered really important in Islamic society that a woman finds a husband (often, very often, these marriages turn out to be abusive) but women who are raped cannot find a husband. A raped woman is a shamed woman. She is not considered the victim. In fact on occasion it is woman who is punished when she is gang raped.

Instead of the revolution moderating itself, it has gone from bad to worse. There was the eight year war with Iraq. Both countries ended up being soaked in blood but mainly Iran. Since then repression has increased & several hundred people are executed every year. Dissent is stamped upon with a zeal reminiscent of the Soviet Union. But Iran has somewhat gone under the radar because of events in North Africa & the Middle East.

June the 20 has been designated a Global Day in support of Political Prisoners in Iran. This is the Facebook link

InFactuation Productions are making a film about human rights abuses in Iran. If there is anyone would like to take part & work with us on this very important project do please get in touch. You can e-mail me on my private e-mail address or my business e-mail

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