Visit to Temple.

InFactuation Productions went to the Temple, London EC1 on Thursday 28th of June. The buildings are really rather beautiful. They remain there, unchangeable, as a monument to the independence of the judiciary.

Tawanda Kazoka is working with us to make a film about the lack of opportunities for young people in Zambia & about the issue of corruption. As part of the project we interviewed Mr Michael Sullivan QC a senior barrister who has had much to do with campaigns against corruption in different parts of the world. He had much to say about the issue of corruption. He is a much respected barrister & he has dedicated much of his time to exposing corruption & the consequences which follow from it.

Elections in Zambia are imminent. Free & fair are relative terms. They have elections but the odds are weighed heavily in favour of the governing party because the official press generally expounds the version of events of the governing party. Indeed the government believes that this state of affairs is fair, almost the natural order of events. In spite of the famine in East Africa which is exacerbated by climate change, no fault of the people of Africa, there are several success stories in Africa, the most notable & the widely publicised is that of Ghana, in fact the first African state to break free from colonialism.

In the pictures above are Max, our excellent cameraman, Tawanda & Michael Sullivan. Also in the pictures is Mr Sullivan’s puil;, Hugo.

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