Russia TV

It seems that Russians are interested in what British men do. InFactuation Productions made a film with Natalia Birlakina of the Russian television channel  Igratv for Russian viewers.  It seems that one of the main things that British men do is go to the pub & play rugby.  Well, I have played rugby at school & do go to the pub, though not very often. I don’t even know anybody these days who plays rugby, one or two who have played. We filmed inside a pub for her & several British men & one Japanese man talked about …the pub. We filmed training at Fulham rugby club. In fact Russians do play rugby so it might seem not that strange to them.

The game that men all over the World really like is football. We are no different from the Russians or anyone else in that. In England the 2nd most popular sport isn’t rugby. It is cricket. In fact there are lots of sports in England that more popular  than rugby, including golf & tennis.

The truth is that the Uk is so cosmopolitan that nothing is typical. In some ways Britain is as Ancient Rome was…all roads led to Rome, these days all roads or rather trains & planes, lead to London.

Somehow rugby & drinking do go together. Part of the rugby ethos is to get drunk after the game. At one time rugby did acquire a certain popularity, when England was doing well in this World Cup or that. There are some British men who go the pub & drink beer inside a pub. There are some men  who love rugby.

So Russian television viewers will see some men going into a pub & one of them emerging at the door & downing a pint in one.

I am sure that in this country we have stereotypes of other countries & I am sure that what we believe about other countries is just as inaccurate especially……well where do I start…Frenchmen who wear berets, windmills in Holland,

This is the InFactuation Team at work.

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