Jafar Panahi

A few weeks ago, the Iranian film maker Jafar Panahi was arrested & sentenced to 6 years in prison & banned from making films for 20 years. This is bad news for Iran & for freedom of speech generally. Many people in Iran & elsewhere around the World are suffering in one way or another. Of course he is a human being just as much & suffers in the same way as anybody else. Of course certain cases of suffering, unjust treatment, victims of crime etc become cause célèbre & receive more notice than other cases. They become symbols for everybody else. Prisons are full all over the World. At this rate, it will eventually come to pass that there are more people in prison than not.

In his film the Circle he broke away from the endless Iranian films about the innocence of childhood which avoided anything political or contentious in any way & the characters kept referring to God & his benevolence. The Circle is about the low status of women in Iran & their consequent suffering.

There is a Facebook campaign for his release.

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The Atom Bomb Game

InFactuation Productions are making a film about what is known as The Atom Bomb Game in which in August 1945 the important game of Go continued even after the bomb had dropped.

Recently we made a trailer for it  to help us raise funds for the project at the Holborn Studios. The parts of the 2 players Iwamoto Kaoru & Hashimoto Utaro were played by the actor Andrew Futaishi & the actor / director Michihide Ochi We re-enacted the game itself with the exact moves of the game. It all looks very very good in full cinematic glory.

We are showing the trailer at our studios, unit 34, The Old Truman Brewery on Monday the 29th of November at 4.30pm. Everybody is welcome to come along. Michi will be here.

This is our website www.infactuationproductions.co.uk

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The InFactuation team at work

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Michael Meadowcroft

Tomorrow (Thursday the 3rd of June 2010) we will be talking to & interviewing Michael Meadowcroft for our Africa’s Invisible Generation film about Zambia. In the year 2001 Michael Meadow wrote a report on the election in Zambia.

Andrew has been an admirer of Michael Meadowcroft for many years. Michael Meadowcroft was a highly thought of councillor in the Leeds area. At the time centrist / SDP politics were much in evidence & he won a seat for one of the Leeds constituencies. The year was 1983.

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Hello world!

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Ejup Ganiã – War Criminal?

On Saturday 10th April, we received a phonecall from a mysterious Serbian woman asking us if we had a crew available for Tuesday to film the proceedings of a trial that was taking place at the City of Westminster’s Magistrates Court.

As the story unfolded we were told that we would be filming ex-Serbian President Ejup Ganiã. 

Ejup Ganiã was President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1997 to 1999 and again from 2000 to 2001.On 1. March 2010 he was arrested at Heathrow Airport after Serbian judicial authorities issued an extradition warrant. He is accused of conspiracy to murder 40 Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) soldiers in Sarajevo in May 1992.

He was granted bail on March 12th after Judge John Laws remarked that the arrest warrant by Serbia was politically motivated.

It was also claimed by Ganiã’s defenders that Serbia had yet to produce any real evidence, and that most of their supposed evidence was made up of news articles regarding the Dobrovoljaèka Street incident.

However, Serbian prosecutor’s office claims that the case contains additional evidence.

The extradition trial begins tomorrow.

Watch this space!




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Cancer & diet

Cancer could be caused by anything. Everything could cause cancer. Stress, the environment, diet, genes, alcohol, recreational drugs, medication for other complaints. It is so out of control that it could be anything. It is projected that the year 2020, half the population will be affected by cancer. Not for nothing is cancer often called the big C. After that, 2050, will it be three quarters of the population or even more or by that time will it be under control? It isn’t necessarily going to expand exponentially. Germs & viruses & diseases are a kind of parallel universe, fighting to survive & expand, constantly adapting. But also retreating or dying out. Just as it seemed the world was about to end because of the Black Death, the disease ran its course. It came back from time to time but not so virulently. That might happen with cancer; AIDS too. A report by Paolo Boffetta of the Tish Cancer Institute in New York was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute recently. It purported to say that eating fruit & fresh vegetables made little or no difference to the prevention or cure of cancer. This is the link http://smarteconomy.typepad.com/smart_economy/2010/04/study-finds-only-a-weak-link-between-fruits-and-veggies-and-reduced-cancer-risksurprise-.html Personally I don’t believe it. As far as I know all the anecdotal evidence & everything else says that this is not the case.  I am an old cynic & would be interested in who provided the funding for this report. It just doesn’t chime with my personal experience. I personally know people, cancer sufferers, who have changed their diet & gone on living productive lives for years after their predicted demise. The report does recommend eating fruit & vegetables as a means to good health generally, so who knows? It was a wide sample but what was the methodology? This is what I think. Cancer is the one of the feared disease around & rightly so. To be told that a relative or friend or even yourself (I suppose) has cancer is the most terrible news. But there is no reason why it should necessarily be a killer. Change your diet, change your life. We at InFactuation Productions have made a film for the charity Black Cancer Care, which was mainly though not entirely about Rawle Price’s journey from being a cancer sufferer to completely recovering, by changing his diet. The film also contains advice about diet generally. This is the link for it http://www.infactuationproductions.co.uk/buy_dvd.htm#cbc Health, diet & so on is very much affected by fashion as much as anything. When I was 20, it was said that bananas were a fruit with no food value whatever.  By the time I was 30, it had become the complete food.  At one time it was even believed that smoking was good for you. I have no doubt that this report will be superseded by another in the near future which reports that eating plenty of fruit & vegetables is an excellent protection against cancer of all types – again.

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